Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I need a change!!!

I need a change of pace and some friends that I can hang out with and talk to!!! I get bored at home. LOL When Allie was about 4 months old we moved to California for my husbands job. I don't know anyone out here. James works an awful lot and is really just home on the weekends (it seems like it). He gets up and leaves for work by 8 and doesn't return until 7 sometimes he stays later. The only thing we do together is eat dinner together if he gets home by 7, do chores on Saturday and go to church on Sundays. I have met a few sisters at church, but most of the people in our ward are older. We are the youngest couple! Also most of the kids in our ward are much older than Allie. I have made one friend that lives in the same apartment complex and is in our ward. Other than talking to her I stay inside and mind my own business. I wish there was more younger moms like me around here. I am a little depressed because I get no adult interaction. I always feel like I am talking to the wall, mostly because my little girl doesn't talk yet. I know she is listening but it's not the same!!!!! It is always the same old routine. Get up, changed diaper, feed Allie, take shower, eat for myself, change diaper, feed Allie, play with Allie, Allie takes a nap and we start back again with change diaper..... then its dinner time. Cook, clean up, watch TV, go to bed. Get up in the morning and do it all over again.

I do some scrap-booking when I get a chance or I have a page I want to work on. (not very often) I need some ME time, not me and Allie time! But when does that ever happen? Hardly ever, I don't want to go anywhere because we are poor. The only times I get me time is if I go grocery shopping on Saturdays while James stays home with Allie or I go to a scrap-booking workshop once a month if we have the money for me to go.

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  1. Hey, my little Jana! I am learning on this computer thing! Are'nt you so proud?
    Some days i look at my life and it seems boring too..All i do is go to work, come home, rinse, repeat!
    I have to remind myself how truly blessed I am to have what we have.
    And I have a great friendlike you!