Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our adventures

My mom came out  to visit in April for her Spring break! 
It was awesome!!
We did so much while she was here.
We went to the California Academy
of Sciences.
Where we saw  the rainforest!!
 I loved seeing the rainforest because there was so many different colors and butterflies.
There was this one butterfly that was brown on the outside and 
when it was flying it was a beautiful blue.
I kept trying to get a picture of it.

Next we went to the Aquarium   

This was amazing too!
there was a lot of different animals I had never seen before and didn't know they existed.
Allie loved watching the fish  swim bye.

Then we went and watched the penguins get feed!
I was so excited to watch them get feed that I totally forgot to 
take pictures of them. I was so bummed when I got home and was 
looking through my 
pictures  and realized I forgot to get them.

Mom, Allie and I went to a lot of places and saw some family later that week.
We drove to Vacaville, CA and Sacramento. 
We also went to Pixar were mom got to go on a tour!!!

The last day she was here (Saturday) we made Banana Nut bread and Zucchini Bread!
Then we made homemade French bread a put together a Lasagna for 
our Easter Dinner!!!
Best times, in the kitchen with mom!!!!!!!!!!

These are just a few scrapbook pages that I haven't posted yet! Enjoy


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  1. Hey your pages! Very cute :) glad your mom got to visit you! I know how it is to be away from family--we plan to take a trip to Utah next month...hope you and your family are doing well!